The Main protagonist portrayed as a "Wild Card", a thoroughly unpredictable indevidual within his "Honor Code" that never goes down, he is extremely out spoken about taking other's wills or opinions away and is a rebel at heart, a complex charecter that plays both the all knowing genius and the fumbling idiot, the one thing he truly has pride in is his emotions, the ability to be driven by sheer emotion and have the strongest "soul" of everyone, he places close to zero effort into things that don't interest him. He has the ability to be very canniving, he's examplary at reading others and values action, his motto has always been "No harm, no foul".

Born under the star of Pisces's final day of the leap year (pisces-1000), Alexander's psychic ability is almost 0, being at the level of the average human, which bafles scientists at Pandora's box as this is nororiously the third strongest star in the zodiac. They begin assuming that he has no abilities and tell a perticular scientist to escort him out of Pandora's Box. Along the way he notices a shy girl from a balcony one-way mirror getting beat up for "being weaker than everyone else" by the the 14th strongest esper, a man named Sendo (he noticed a ranking hologram), and stops when he notices this while the scientist coninue on, stopping ten or so feet away they notice that he stopped and turn to investigate, they see Alex gritting his teeth in fury and clenching his fist, his hair flashes bright white and horns apear on his back for an instant, the scientist is just staring in awe at what she just saw and thinks "...w-what was that...?!", he counts two punches before she falls down in the corner an Sendo begins walking up to her, furious and blaming her for his loss of rank to the 13th spot, Alex mudders to himself "...Raise that fist one more time and I'll...!" a moment before he raises it and Alex finally snaps and breaks the one-way mirror by jumping straight through it, two sets of gray horns grow from his back, his iris become a vivid white and the sclera became a jet black, his hair became a pure platinum white. Landing in between the two he says "Sendo, I don't know why your doing this but... beating up a girl is just WRONG!!! ...You need to stop and I can tell my words won't reach you, but I'm certain my fist will" During this, the shy girl begins to idolize Alexander, looking up at him with shinning eyes. Sendo repies "Get out of the way before I-" he is cut off mid-sentance by Alex "BRING IT!!" Sendo engulfes himself in flame and smiles as he says "Too bad, here I thought you might be a nice kouhai" and rushes Alex as he mudders "...kouhai...?" and yells "Know your place, arrogant wretch" before dawing a glistening silver katana out of seamingly no-where. He slashes downward and the flame-cloak is disolved by a sudden gust of gale force wind and shocked by this, Sendo freezes up in fear as Alexander pushes on and into his chest.

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